How to buy UC for BGMI from Midasbuy? BGMI UC Purchase guide

BGMI UC purchase guide (– There are various ways in which UC can be bought in BGMI. It can also be bought from Midasbuy by the players in near future. We will try to give you all various details regarding the process to buy UC for BGMI via this article today. 

Details about BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India):

PUBG Mobile India has been replaced recently by Battlegrounds Mobile India. On May 18, the official trailer of BGMI was announced and its pre-registrations have also started. Also, the app is available for download on the Google Play Store. Thus, in-game purchases are also started by the players through BGMI’s UC purchase.

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Internal money is also available in BGMI from which skins and bundles can be purchased by the players. The cheapest gambler in Brazil is UC with 63 UC. 3 Real Brazilian bonuses are included in it which are available for 3.9. It is equivalent to about Rs.54. The cost of the Royal Pass is only Rs.530

Details about the UC Price:

The plan and opinions regarding lowering the prices of UC will be reflected to make it appropriate because when compared to the prices of UC of PUBG Mobile’s global version, the BGMI’s UC’s price has increased.

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Also, additional UC will be paid back in the game for the UC products after the adjustment of the prices to those accounts from which the adjustments purchase has been done.

BGMI has not been listed on Midasbuy currently but it will be listed soon. 

Buying UC from Midasbuy:

There are many ways to buy UC for BGMI. One of these is buying it from Midasbuy, which a trusted store for this purpose. Also, the buyers can get various rewards and even discounts while making purchases from the official store of Midasbuy. The following process must be followed for buying UC from Midasbuy-

BGMI UC Buying from midasbuy
BGMI UC Buying from Midasbuy
  1. The players must visit the website of Midasbuy, that is, at first.
  2. They can also get extra prizes and rewards by registering to Midasbuy.
  3. Next, in the dialogue box that will be listed, they must input the player ID.
  4. Then, they should select the appropriate method for doing the payment.
  5. After that, a dialogue box will appear which will contain various terms and conditions.
  6. The conditions should be accepted by them and then they must proceed to payment after filling up all the details that will be required.
  7. Finally, the players will be able to get into their BGMI account with the purchased UC within 24 hours after the payment is completed.
Midasbuy Payment mode & Player ID verification
Midasbuy Payment mode & Player ID verification

Adjustment of UC Price:

ProductsPayback UC Quantity
60 UC10
600 UC110
6000 UC1275
300 UC50
3000 UC600
1500 UC245
Battlegrounds Mobile India Shop Pack 0430
Battlegrounds Mobile India Shop Pack 0210

Price of UC:

The adjusted price of the BGMI’s UC which is less compared to the PUBG’s global price is mentioned below-

Sl. No.Number of UCPrice
01300 + 25Rs.380
021500 + 300Rs.1900
036000 + 2100Rs.7500
053000 + 850Rs.3800
06600 + 60Rs.750

Fixing Lag in BGMI Mobile:

  1. All the apps should be shut down by the users on their phones. The smoothness of this game can be affected instantly as RAM is consumed by them.
  2. The device of the player also affects the game. The graphics of the BGMI Mobile might be reduced for getting a maximum frame rate, by which lower latency and greater fps can be achieved. 

We have tried to provide various important details about the process to buy UC for BGMI and other related details about UC Price. For any further query, please feel free to contact us through comments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are the new BGMI UC prices upgraded?

Yes, the new BGMI UC prices are upgraded.

How much time will the purchased UC be available for the buyers?

The purchased UC will be available for the buyers in 24 hours after purchase.

Is there any other way to purchase BGMI UC?

Yes, the BGMI UC can be purchased by many other ways. For instance, UC can be availed as reward by playing in various events of BGMI.

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