ASDM Sudakhya Yojana 2021- Assam One Month Free Skill Development Training Registration

By | April 27, 2021

ASDM Sudakhya Yojana Registration 2021- You can take One Month Free Training Registration under Assam Skill Development scheme at

In this pandemic situation, most of the common issues that are coming across in front of every state, are mainly related to the accommodation of migrant workers.

After leaving their job in another state, most of the migrant workers are coming back to their own state, and as a result, it becomes challenging for the state to provide them jobs and food and other kinds of stuff.

Most of the states fail to detect the actual number of migrant workers who came back to the state. To manage the whole thing, the Assam government has taken an initiative, they have a launched a software named SAMPARKA.

The full form of this software is the Software Application for Migrated People to Assam for Rejuvenating Karma Abhiyan. In this application, already there are more than 200 workers already have registered their name.

ASDM Sudakhya Yojana Portal Where you can register for one month training

The name and their important data will be collected by the panchayat. This data will include, from which state they have come from and whether they have MGNREGA job cards or they would like to own one. Also, in which skill they have the expertise and whether they would like to do a job for the MGNREGA or not.

What is Sudakhya Yojana in Assam?

In the yojana scheme, the participants will get one-month free training under the ASDM Sudakhya Sarkari Yojana Assam Skill Development team. To get the facility, you can register your name as Many non-government sectors are also involved in this project with the Assam Government, who will also help migrant workers to get employed.

Under the society act of 2015, the Assam Skill Development Mission has been registered. The mission is currently working for the skill, and employment as well as entrepreneurship department.

Now, their motto is to deliver quality skills to the unemployed people by providing them required support as well as professional training or guidelines. As a result, on one side it will remain helpful to the youths and on the other hand, it will become helpful for the economy of the state too.

The Sudakhya Yojna Assam is a part of this skill development program and it is called as ASDM Sudakhya Yojna. In this program, they are taking the necessary steps to provide employment to the migrant workers who are coming back from their job within the age group 18 to 40 during this Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Free Skill Development Training under ASDM Scheme

As a part of this program, the one month free training will be provided to the registered candidates. When they will be able to complete the training successfully, the candidates will be able to get bank loans to become self-employed or they will be placed in any companies as per the basis of their eligibility and skill. 

The candidates who are willing to register their name, they can navigate to the official digital portal of the Assam Skill development mission. The portal will work as a two way technique in which they will identify those people who have came back from another state and have the required skill sets by using which the employment opportunities for them will be made.

Those migrant workers, whose age remains between 18 to 40 years, will be able to register their name. In this process, they will also get bank loans for the trainees so that they can start their own business or they can be hired in a company. 

Eligibility Criteria for the Sudakhya Assam:

There are some eligibility criteria present, which a candidate has to fulfil in order to apply for the ASDM Sudakhya Yojna training program. Once the candidate will fulfil all the criteria, they will be able to apply for the training program and after that they will be able to get a chance to be hired by the companies who are helping the Assam government in this project. However, the eligibility criteria for the scheme are listed below.

  • First of all, the candidate has to be a resident of Assam state. 
  • Those people who will be returned back to Assam state due to the pandemic situation are eligible to apply for the post. 
  • The age of the person should be between 18 to 40 in order to apply for the post.
  • The candidates have to make them available in order to take one month training, so that they can get a loan from the bank or can be hired by some corporate companies. 

Once the candidates fulfill all the eligibility criteria, they will be able to apply for the training procedure and they will also be able to get a loan from the bank after completing the training. 

Registration procedure for Sudakhya Scheme Assam:

In order to fill up the application form, there are some steps that the candidates have to complete in order to register their name as a candidate.

Total Time: 5 minutes

First of all, the interested candidates have to navigate to the official website

On the home page, you will be able to see the details about the scheme. 

Next, you need to provide your phone number in order to complete the registration procedure

ASDM Sudakhya Yojana Registration

Once you will open the registration form, you need to fill up the important details for the candidate

Once you complete it, you need to click on the submit button in order to submit the form.

Final thoughts:

The article has described most of the important information related to the scheme for the ASDM Sudakhya Yojna. In case you are willing to perform the registration process, there are many steps that are present that you have to fulfill.

After the successful completion of these steps, you will be able to register your name as the applicant. After that, you will be able to complete the one-month training program as well as you will be able to get a loan amount in order to start your own business or you will be hired by a company. The offer is available for the migrant workers only. 

FAQs:ASDM Sudakhya Sarkari Yojna

For which kind of people the scheme has been published?

For the migrant workers for the Assam state, the scheme has been generated by the Assam government. The main motto of the government is to make the migrant people self employed

What is the age to apply for the post?

The age of the candidate should be within 18-40 years in order to apply for the training program

What will be the duration of the training?

The duration for the training program is 1 month.

What will happen after the training?

After 1 month of training, the candidates will either get loans from the bank to become self-employed or they will be placed in the companies according to their merit.

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