Amul increased by Rs 2 on all milk including gold across India

By | July 2, 2021

Amul Milk Price Hike-It was declared by the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federations on Wednesday that from 1st July 2021, the price of Amul Milk will be increased by 2 rupees per liter all over India.

The increase in price on all the brands of Amul milk will be effective which includes Taaza, T-special, Gold, Shakti, Buffalo Milk, Cow Milk, etc. According to the officials, after a 1 year & 7 months’ gap, the price of Amul Milk is increasing. The rise in food inflation is the cause for the increase in price as said by R.S. Sodhi, the Managing Director of GCMMF

The packaging cost has also increased by 30 to 40%, the energy cost has been raised by 30% and the cost of transportation has also been raised by 30% leading to input cost’s increase according to R.S.Sodhi.

Amul Dairy hike Milk Price
Amul Dairy hike Milk Price

The official statement states that the increase is just 4 percent in MRP which is much lower when compared to average inflation of food, though amid the rising prices of vegetables and fuels it may come for many consumers as a jolt. 

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The farmers’ prices have also been raised in the range of 45 rupees to 50 rupees per kilogram fat by the member unions given the input costs’ increase which according to the company is above 6 percent over last year.

The milk producers will be benefitted from the increase in price in such a way that the consumers of milk will pay 80 paise of each rupee to the milk producers according to the policy of the company to pass.

In December 2019, the price of Amul Milk was raised before this, per liter, 3 rupees were increased. The hike in price was applicable in Delhi-NCR, Maharashtra, Gujarat & West Bengal. An increase of the same amount was also announced during that time by Mother Dairy in Delhi-NCR. The reason behind this was that the supply of milk was lower at that time.

During Covid-19, the consumption of various milk products was raised which also grew the business of Amul, and every day about 255 to 260 liters of milk were sold by the cooperatives of Amul Milk in April 2020, as per the reports.

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